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Severed: An Extreme Psychological Horror Story

There is one nightmare that every man around the world shares in common. A very real terror that strikes fear into their hearts that no woman could possibly ever understand. What if he opened his eyes one day and his penis was gone?

SETH wakes up in a narcotic haze in a bathtub full of ice. He's cold, numb, and disoriented. When he climbs out of the tub an unbearable pain rips through his groin.

He's been castrated. Everything that made him a man removed, and all that remains is a neat row of stitches from his pubic bone to his taint.

There's a phone in the corner of the room that doesn't belong to him, and a text message waiting for him to read.

— Hi Seth. Text me back when ur awake xo



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Kink: A Tale of Extreme Horror


CASSIE knew exactly what she was looking for when she trawled the world of mobile dating to find the perfect man for an afternoon of rough, kinky fantasy. She only did this once a year, and this time it was going to be extra special. But, there was just one problem...

RICH thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he meets a hot older woman on a dating app. She’s gorgeous and doesn’t want any long term commitments, just an afternoon of no-strings-attached kinky fun — what could be better? But can he be man enough to tie her up and play the role of aggressor in her dark, twisted and violent fantasy?

BUT NEITHER of them knew that things would all go so terribly, darkly, disturbingly wrong.



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Headhunter: An Extreme Horror Story

Pain. Unbearable pain.

A night of passion becomes a nightmare for corporate headhunter Adam Walters. In Prague for a few days to do business, he makes the most of his time away from home and commitments, indulging his lustful desires.

But when he wakes up hog tied naked on an operating table in a filthy tiled room, he can’t begin to imagine the pain that is about to come his way...




The Barns Brothers have teamed up with extraordinarily talented voice actor Ian McEuen to produce terrifying audiobooks available through Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Headhunter: An Extreme Horror Story

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Kink: A Tale of Extreme Horror

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About Us

The Barns Brothers are authors of extreme horror, sex and violence, gut-wrenching tales with a twist, and murderous plots.


The eldest of the brothers. Warren was born in England, where he spent his childhood terrorising his younger brothers on his parents’ livestock farm. The family cashed up and emigrated to the United States when he was a teenager. After high school, he worked in the IT sector until the crash in the early 2000’s when he decided to head back to University to study English and French, with the dream of becoming an author.


A middle child, Crowley is British by birth but regards himself as a citizen of nowhere. He's lived and worked in the UK, USA and Australia as well as spending more than a dozen years in Asia. Crowley has worked as a barkeep, groundskeeper and carnie. He currently resides in Seoul.

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